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Active Outdoor Lifestyle Markets?
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  • Be part of an engaged network of motivated, visionary entrepreneurs in our markets of focus. 
  • Have access to the leading entrepreneurs in our markets through the Alliance’s Guest Mentor program, each month.
  • Have access to live coaching from me every month. I will also be working in the community through the week as well as exclusive trainings and content that are only available in the Alliance.
  • Have access to an ongoing curriculum of business + branding tools and strategies that will propel you to the next level - each month.
Great news! 
The A-Game Alliance is what you've been looking for all along...

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My work at the Intrepid Entrepreneur and Verde Brand Communications catalyzes growth and success for passion-driven businesses and brands. I help entrepreneuers (and entrepreneurial brands) in the active outdoor lifestyle markets build remarkable and profitable businesses that support a kick-a** lifestyle.

Through working with so many amazing companies in these industries, I’ve gained a ton of experience successfully guiding them through the transformation happening with how consumers discover, engage and buy from us today. I work with brands, service providers, manufacturers, retailers, reps, consultants and independent founders to not only navigate the changes we’re experiencing but to mine opportunities from them. 

The long and short of it? I’m one of you. 

I grew up in these markets and know no other approach than to be completely passion-driven in my solutions.  I love to coach and mentor entrepreneurs, which is exactly what I look forward to doing with my brand new A-Game Alliance private membership community. That’s a key differentiator of my membership community to other resources currently out there – you’re getting my approach, systems, resources and network, and access to me each and every month. I’ve built three successful companies in these markets and a solid reputation for results, service, creativity and innovation in my work for two decades.  

I also get to realize a dream in the Alliance: to bring together a highly motivated group of entrepreneurs into a customized training and community environment, which will create huge gains for all involved. This is the masterminding component to the opportunity and it’s very powerful... Considering what we’re navigating and the fact that such a support group has never existed before in our markets, we need this type of resource and support more than ever before! Come join me and other #OutdoorFounders to make your entrepreneur adventure take off!

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