Learn How to Create your Businesses' Biggest Asset: Your Email List! 

A FREE Master Class Training

Your host: Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

of Verde Brand Communications and the Intrepid Entrepreneur

In this hour-long, live training, you're going to learn the latest strategies and tactics to grow your email list. 

You'll learn so much, including how to:
  • Attract the right people to your list
  • Learn the top performing email capture 'magnets' to deploy in your content marketing
  • Increase the size of your list
  • Increase the open rate of your emails
  • Successfully activate the people on your list
  • Encourage the people on your list to share your content

Building an email list is absolutely imperative to every business today and is a true asset. It's a very tough endeavor, however, unless you have the inside line on the tools, technologies, and strategies being used by the most successful email marketers today. 

By joining this free webinar training, you'll get that inside line by discovering what I do for my business and for my clients, and how you can apply these same strategies to your business.

I'll talk tech with you (email service providers), content offerings and cadence and setting the right goals around list growth and size. This is a live Master Class training you do not want to miss and it's absolutely one of my favorite things to teach!

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